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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/07/2009 13:00
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It is certainly becoming a trend. Free bingo games are everywhere! Can you believe that? And to add to the many online bingo sites offering free bingo is Golden Hat. Yes, more and more online bingo sites are offering free bingo games. Perhaps this is to encourage the online bingo lovers to play more and at the same time help the bingo players in tough economic times today. So when you’re ready, continue reading below to check the new promotion from Golden Hat Bingo.

To give its online bingo members the complete bingo experience, Golden Hat Bingo is offering a couple of free bingo games in their site. While Golden Hat is still relatively one of the newbie online bingo sites in the market today, it has managed to offer free bingo games for the enjoyment of their bingo members and those who would like to join their site today. Even though it’s still new, a lot of bingo players are slowly turning to Golden Hat Bingo making it a favourite site of a lot of online bingo players. What’s even more helpful is that they are now offering free bingo games on a daily basis. You got that right. You have the chance to play for free every day! So what do you need to do and what are the details? Let’s find out the details.

All you’ve got to do is go to their Bingo Makeover Room where you will find the free games that Golden Hat offers. And to add in more fun, you’re not just playing for free bingo but you’re also playing for the fantastic prizes at stake. So make sure to drop by Golden Hat Bingo and see what offers you may find interesting to you. Aside from free bingo, they have a generous first time deposit bonus of up to two hundred percent.

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