Moon Bingo Wants to Make YOU a Super Millionaire!!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/11/2009 11:34

The hottest news in UK online bingo at the moment is the all new Moon Bingo, this site looks amazing after the revamp. But the promotions and games look even better. They have gone completely crazy and set a precedent in online bingo playing with the new Super Millionaire Jackpot. This is absolute madness and it is a world first, a £10 million jackpot prize! I am almost speechless, and hardly know where to begin.

This is a coverall game and you obviously have to win in the lowest possible number of calls, but if you don’t win the 10 mil, you can win £2,500,000 in 34 calls, £1,000,000 for winning in 35-38 calls, £100,000 for 39-46 calls, £5,000 for 47 calls, £2,500 for 48 calls, £2,000 for 49 calls and £1,500 is guaranteed. Have you ever heard the like of this, I certainly haven’t. They are setting industry standards and Other UK online bingo sites are going to have to sharpen up to keep up with this kind of action. Of course, you know who is going to benefit from this massive competition, we are!

This is the kind of news that makes history, and it is also going to mean a ton of new member registrations for Moon Bingo (existing Moon Bingo members can use their alias and password to play at the new site). I have to take my bingo hat off to them. You can already pre-buy tickets for this game, they cost only £1 each (another huge surprise), and you need a minimum buy in of five tickets. The big game plays for the first time on the 30th November, so start buying your tickets now, spread it out over the course of the month and make sure you have the maximum buy-in when the game plays. WTG Moon Bingo, you rock!

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