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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/11/2008 19:55
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Mirror Bingo will match your initial £10 deposit when you join up, giving you £20 to play with.  Helpfully, they point out that if you use that £20 on their 5p games, it buys you 400 chances to win an early jackpot with your first deposit.  And as we all know, an early win will encourage further play.  Mirror Bingo also know this, and they're ready to reward you for continued play by offering a bundle of bonuses for the life of your account.  What kind of bonuses?  Hang on, I'm getting to that.  They're great though, I can promise you that.
Firstly, they're offering a 100% First Deposit Cashmatch, up to £150.  So if you put in £150 with your first deposit after signing up, they'll match every penny, giving you £300 worth of play.  On top of that, every deposit thereafter is rewarded with a 50% top-up bonus.  That's every deposit for life, by the way, so it's worth getting in there now to guarantee yourself continued rewards.  With numerous 5p games available, and Mirror Bingo offering a 90-ball bingo game, there's stuff on offer here that few of the big-name sites are matching.  Jackpots go as high as £25,000 - a potentially massive return for a small initial commitment.
Offers like this will begin to disappear at some point, but with all the signs pointing to the fact that casinos, papers and betting sites are targeting online bingo as a big growth market it's worth getting involved while they're offering such attractive bonuses.  The suggestions are that gambling in general is a market that will become squeezed in these credit-crunched times, so now really is the time to make hay - before the squeeze cuts off this incredible flow of free bonuses.

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