Mirror Bingo New 1TG and 2TG Prizes!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 17/03/2010 18:29

For great chances to win prizes every single day Mirror Bingo cannot be beaten. Media owned bingo sites have received mixed responses in the UK, but Mirror Bingo is one of the big success stories. Bingo fans of this site have been heard to say, "Once a Mirror Bingo player, always a Mirror Bingo player".

We all know that feeling of frustration when a lovely bingo prize is right there within reach for us and we have 1TG, or even 2TG. You see your bingo ticket light up or change colour and you know - this is it! Then someone else wins and the pit of your stomach drops through the floorboards.   Therefore, in special featured games at Mirror Bingo there are now games with 1TG and 2TG prizes included in the prize pool. This is another new online bingo trend as we are seeing more and more bingo sites offering these prizes every day.

A new bingo room has also been dedicated to these games and it has very aptly been named "Spread the Wealth'. You can find out how this works at the site, but in brief; if a prize pool in a 90 ball bingo game is for example a guaranteed £750: the prize split will be 1 line - £100, 2 lines - £200, full house - £400 and 1TG £30, while 2TG is £20 - or something very similar.

Mirror Bingo is also evening up the odds in the Bingo for Britain room, with All's Fair games, because all is fair in love and bingo! And if you enjoy living life in the fast lane join in the fun and games in the Bingo Boogie room for some Fast Lane bingo with a twist.

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