Mirror Bingo Downturn Forces Group to look for new revenue streams

Mirror Bingo Downturn Forces Group to look for new revenue streams

Written by: Richard Sharp on 13/08/2011 09:30
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A recent article revealed that the Mirror bingo, owned by the UK newsgroup Trinity Mirror is struggling to retain players. Despite a growing audience to other digital properties the brand is struggling to compete with fresher bingo sites, we all know that players like something new but according to this report the Mirror will redouble their efforts to increase revenue.


More revenue but not from Bingo

If the article is correct, Trinity Mirror is going to start charging for ‘freemium’ content. For example free football, news and sports apps will include other paid options such as live scores updates and additional content. This is similar to other news outlets who already offer free and paid content.

That’s all well and good, but one thing which the article didn’t mention was the plans for the Mirror bingo website. Plainly, they aren’t about to let it decline into a state of disrepair (it’s still a thriving site) and we would argue that they are constantly making changes to attract new players and keep existing ones coming back for more.

One thing which is clear is that sites will have to think of new ways to innovate and adapt to keep their brands fresh and exciting, Mirror bingo has one of Britain’s biggest newspapers behind it - if they are struggling, can you imagine how difficult other established sites are finding competition from new bingos sites.

Thankfully this is great news for bingo players, bingo sites are constantly adapting and updating their promotions due to new competition. What do you think bingo sites can do to compete with newer sites?


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by: yobes over 12 years ago
Continuing development is the only older bingo sites can do to stay competative.