Mini Bingo Madness

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/09/2009 11:00
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Mini Bingo Madness has landed at Mecca Bingo. For the past few months, people are going crazy over mini games. These mini games are their go to games when they want a break from online bingo. It’s what they turn to when they’re waiting for the next bingo game they are joining. Mini games have been a craze and have become a trend. So Mecca Bingo dives into the fun and brings us the Bingo Mini Game Monday.

You won’t be affected with Monday Blues when you join the Bingo Mini Game Monday over at Mecca Bingo. Mecca Bingo made sure you will enjoy your Mondays instead of feeling blue over the start of the work week. What’s even great about this mini game is that you will receive an extra bonus of 20% cash back on anything you spend in this bingo mini game, provided you didn’t win the game of course. So if you spent a hundred pounds on the Bingo Mini Game Monday and did not win, you will receive twenty pounds refund back to your online bingo account. Now isn’t that great?

You can also play the Big Top Tombola or the Clover Rollover games on Mondays and receive the same twenty percent cash back on your spending. Just make sure that you play the bingo mini games in those rooms mentioned above to be credited the cash back. Other mini games from other rooms are not eligible for the twenty percent cash back. So if you wish to play Cleopatra or Rainbow Riches, you won’t receive the cash back. Also, be reminded that the maxi game versions inside the qualified bingo rooms are not included in the twenty percent refund promotion. Also, remember that Mecca Bingo will only return up to twenty five pounds in cash back. So if you wish to take advantage of the full twenty percent, then it is advisable to spend only one hundred and twenty five pounds in these rooms on Mondays.

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