Michael Jackson’s Death Causes a Stir.

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/06/2009 23:00

On June 25th, the world witnessed a shocking death. Hollywood was just mourning the loss of one its darlings, Farah Fawcett, when sudden news came of Michael Jackson’s death. It was not something the world had expected. In fact, the people were even looking forward to his comeback concert in London’s O2 Arena. A lot of online casinos and online bingo networks have offered Michael Jackson tickets as prizes in their games. And take note that these aren’t your regular concert tickets. The tickets that were being given away were mostly VIP tickets accompanied by lodging and dining as well. But sadly, this won’t be happening, not ever.

Michael Jackson has suffered cardiac arrest. He was found in his LA home not breathing. In fact, when the paramedics arrived, he no longer had a pulse. He was rushed to UCLA noon where they tried to revive the King of Pop for over an hour. Unfortunately, they could no longer do anything about it. The news spread quickly like fire. A music legend has passed away.

One of the online gaming networks that offered Michael Jackson VIP tickets was Virgin Casino. One of their promotions was offering tickets to the “THIS IS IT” concert, the supposedly legendary and comeback concert by the King of Pop this September. It was a special promotion as VIP seats were reserved for the bingo winners. At the same time, it was inclusive of a private entrance and members lounge where cocktails are to be found. And note that Virgin Casino isn’t the only gaming network offering this kind of promotion. Now that this tragic event has happened, those promotions have to be withdrawn. Too bad it was even reported that Michael Jackson has been working hard for this concert. As we all know, he works really hard for each concert, always trying to give more than a hundred percent each performance.

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