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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/05/2009 08:00
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Every week, we are hearing more and more huge winners in the world of online bingo. Today, we are excited about another big winner at Crown Bingo. The online bingo scene in the UK is certainly sizzling hot these days because of the many lucky online bingo players hitting the scene. You wouldn’t believe how much the lucky player has just won. Let’s hear more about this great news below.

Crown Bingo is one of the great online bingo sites to play at. Not only is the site offering online bingo games but is also offering various side games that online bingo players love to play as well. In fact, this lucky winner was actually playing a slots game at the online bingo site of Crown Bingo. Who would have thought that he’ll win big time? It was Glen Johnson, a very lucky bingo lover from Bristol, who won a whopping amount at Crown Bingo’s slots game. Glen Johnson has recently joined Crown Bingo and it has only been over a week since he became one of the online bingo players out there. Imagine his surprise one day when he decided to bet just two pounds on a Lucky Ladies 88 slot game and won the huge jackpot! In fact, it’s not just any jackpot. It’s a progressive jackpot which amounted to £240,561! Yes, you read that right! The lucky Crown Bingo club member won over two hundred and forty thousand pounds!

Even Glen Johnson couldn’t believe his lucky faith and what his two pounds got him in return. This great news couldn’t have come at a better time. When Glen won, Julie has just arrived with some disturbing news. She found out that she might have throat cancer. They both got mixed emotions. But thankfully, that money will be of help for treatment in case. At the same time, it will also help Glen who has been housebound because of his disabilities from spinal problems. Actually, they both have disabilities but Julie is more mobile so she gets to take care of their two kids. Now, Glen will be able to buy special mobility equipment to help Julie around the house. This huge win is certainly life-changing for their family.

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