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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/04/2009 02:00
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The past few days have been crazy, what with all the jackpots being won here and there. Various online bingo networks have featured their latest biggest winners and today we’re learning another one from Wink Bingo. We know how Wink Bingo is one of the leading online bingo networks in the UK today. They never fail to offer some of the best promotions in the world of online bingo. So let’s check out their latest winner of ten thousand pounds below.

Wink Bingo has this ten thousand pounds Club game where a 40-year old Community Carer just won. The forty year old winner is Brigette Gent. She’s just one of the many online bingo players who got lucky to be one of the many winners of Wink Bingo. Of course, having won a substantial amount, she’ll surely be in the news of the online bingo world. Of course, it’s expected that she’ll get interviewed by Wink Bingo, nonetheless. Wink Bingo learned that Brigette Gent, like most of us in today’s economy, is struggling to get by, especially having two children. Thanks to Wink Bingo, the ten thousand pounds she won will surely go along way. She’s been a regular online bingo player, hoping for her luck to come by. One day, she just checked her emails and was excited to see one of the emails entitled “Congratulations!” She never thought that it was for real. She thought that it could be some bogus or scam email or perhaps a joke. But when she opened it, she was so thrilled that she really won ten thousand pounds. She tells the interviewers that it’s only now that she is beginning to think that she won for real and it’s not just a dream. She’s been playing online bingo games for eight months now but with no luck until she joined Wink Bingo. She was invited by her friend who has had several wins at the popular online bingo site.

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