Meet Barry and Toni at Totesport Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/11/2009 22:42

Barry and Toni are the faces of Totesport Bingo, they are also regular guests on Channel 4 and it is these faces which UK people relate the Totesport brand to. They are however horses, and I am not really sure what horses have to do with bingo. But apparently even though they are racecourse personalities and celebrities in their own right, bingo players love celebrities and this makes them acceptable for an online bingo site.

Apparently these characters love the site because thy love all the free bingo and they manage to fit in a few games between busy gigs. If you want to read all about their involvement in this online bingo site click on the “meet Barry and Toni” tab and get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Totesport are professionals in the UK gaming business, and this is a good enough reason to become a member of this online bingo site. You know that your business is in very capable hands. But there is one exceptionally good reason for becoming a member of this site, and this is if you like your bingo with a bit of sauce.

As a rule online bingo sites keep it very clean in the chat rooms so that everyone can play happily together, without any one member feeling offended by any below the belt banter. But some of us are “Adult” in the fullest sense of the meaning and we like below the belt stuff. So they have set aside a two hour session specially for us in the Velvet room from 10pm to midnight on a Saturday, the perfect night for getting raunchy. In my opinion it is worthwhile being a member of Totesport only for the Saturday night session! You will find loads of cheeky fun and games going on and some really cheeky prizes too, so join in the fun and games, it is an adult bun fight (in the best possible taste) that you will absolutely love.


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