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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/11/2009 11:45

There has been a good deal of action taking place at Mecca Bingo in these beginning days of November, not least of which was the £100 000 guaranteed prize game. This game was supposed to take until the 8th November to finalize, the number of calls it needed to be won in was almost impossibly low. By the 8th, the number of calls to win was destined to increase by hour until the prize money was won. But they didn’t get that far, the £100 000 was won yesterday.

WTG to “dreamer08” their head must be in the clouds today and all of out dreams have been prematurely crushed. But to make up for this premature win, we all get to participate in an additional grand prize game with the same rules. Unfortunately this prize is only £20 000, but it sure beats being poked in the eye with a sharp stick, and this is actually a life changing amount of money.

If this doesn’t convince you, you should be a member of Mecca Bingo, then nothing will! But if you are a newbie (new player) in November they have a special treat for you to get you started. A special free bingo room is being opened but remember this is only for November! This is a stunning offer as you will be able to play for free every day from 12 midday to 1pm and again from 7 to 8pm at night.

You could also win your share of £15 000 every week at in the Lucky Dip. Thousands of accounts are going to be credited, and you can still play all of your favorite games. Anything for nothing is a bargain is what I always say, and at Mecca Bingo this November freebie fiesta will help you to win and save your hard earned cash to enjoy a fantastic Christmas.

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