Mecca Bingo’s marketing plan seems to be a mystery for its competition

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/07/2009 14:00
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Mecca Bingo has a new online bingo marketing plan. It’s on pay per click and search engine optimization. This new plan seems to be a mystery to Mecca Bingo’s competition in the industry. Rival operators are said to be amazed by this new marketing plan that Mecca Bingo came up with. Let’s learn more about it in details below.

Angust Bisbet, the Mecca Bingo boss, Gaming Director for Rank Interactive Development, was just recently interviewed by eGaming Review. He holds and manages the online side of Mecca Bingo. In the interview, he had revealed that they are aiming for a different strategy this time, something that’s not popular in online bingo just yet. At the same time, it is very different from TV advertising campaigns such as those done by Foxy Bingo or is it in anyway close to the free bingo promotions offered by such sites like Costa Bingo. They are certainly raising eyebrows with all the mystery.

It was very intriguing when Nisbet even stated an example of a recent huge TV promotion. He was quoted: “When a huge amount of TV advertising appeared from nowhere in May last year that was a wake-up call. But all the ads are similar. They all focus on a sign-up bonus.” According to Nisbet, on a busy night, there are about eighty to a hundred thousand players in their live bingo clubs. That’s pretty high as compared to their online bingo operations having only about fifteen to twenty thousand bingo players on a busy night. To convert those existing customers to being online bingo players as well, will certainly do them more good than a TV campaign will ever do, not to mention the huge money being spent for those television campaigns. True enough, they have a better advantage than most of their online bingo rivals. So they better watch out! They even said they’re not worried about the other competing online bingo operators because they said it wouldn’t be too difficult to convert them to playing with Mecca Bingo instead.

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