Mecca Bingo's 50th Birthday Bash Includes £50k Escalator Game

Mecca Bingo's 50th Birthday Bash Includes £50k Escalator Game

Written by: kelly on 13/10/2011 15:35
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If we were to ask you how old Mecca Bingo was, would you know the answer? (no peaking at the title). You may be shocked to hear that the brand has reached 50, and to celebrate they are putting on a range of half century inspired promotions this month.


Mecca at 50 - £50k Jackpot

This isn’t the first time Mecca Bingo has put on a special escalator jackpot game, but it is the first time in a long while that it has been £50,000. This mammoth prize must be won before the end of Sunday 23rd October too!

The jackpot is won by hitting the full house in a predetermined number of balls, the number of balls will increase on a daily basis which greatly increases the odds of winning. However, if the prize still hans’t been won by 12pm on Sunday 23rd October the ball count will rise on an hourly basis to ensure that it is won before the end of the day.

50 is the magic number

Everyone knows that 50 is the new 40 and Mecca Bingo is taking full advantage of this fact by offering an extra special £1,000 prize fund for players which bingo on the number 50. Between the 10th and 16th October any player which manages this will be awarded an equal share of the £1,000 once the promotional period has ended.

If you share your birthday with Mecca Bingo you’ll also be eligible for a £50 bonus, now that’s what we call a great birthday present. 

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