Mecca Bingo Teams up with Police to Tackle Distraction Burglaries

Mecca Bingo Teams up with Police to Tackle Distraction Burglaries

Written by: Richard Sharp on 22/10/2011 09:05

We’ve heard of bingo being used in the classroom to educate children, we are firm believer in its health benefits for the elderly and yesterday heard about an event where the police where using the game to combat crime.


Breightmet Police collaborated with their local Mecca Bingo hall yesterday to raise awareness of distraction robberies within the area. Over the past year 23 incidents have been reported in the area, many of which target elderly people.

This happened to my parents next door neighbor, a man and woman knocked on the door explaining that there was a problem with the water. They asked whether they could come in and ‘help’ her check, the woman accompanied my neighbor, who was in her 80’s and ran the tap whilst her accomplice ‘checked’ up stairs. Together they stole jewelry and money without raising suspicion. It’s for this reason that I feel awareness meetings like the one held in Mecca Bingo Breightmet are so important.

Chris Waters from Bolton crime reduction said,“These criminals prey on the most vulnerable in society, conning them out of or stealing vast sums of money, which in many cases is their life savings.”

The Event

The round of bingo games began at 9:30m, with various prizes on offer from local businesses. The police offered friendly advice on how to spot a conman and handed out personal attack alarms to all attendees.

It was a great way to help tackle crime, and it sounds like the games would have been fun too. We’ll keep you updated on any future events, let us know if you hear of one in your local area.


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