Mecca Bingo Survey Reveals Charity Begins at Home

Mecca Bingo Survey Reveals Charity Begins at Home

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/11/2010 08:40
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If by some miraculous piece of fortune you were given £500 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you spend it on? Mecca bingo asked a selection of UK residents that very question with some interesting answers, the most predictable yet heart felt answers included spending the money on their family or paying off a debt.

The survey took a selection of 1000 people during the popular Mecca Moments campaign to discover what they would do with such a large gift. 2% of the people questioned said they would pay off a debt while a whopping 34% said they would spend the money on a whole family treat.


Of the 34% many explained that they want to show their appreciation of their family, one man said he would lay on a party for his whole family of 60 people because they had never all been in the same room together. Other treats included taking mothers and daughters for a pampering session and taking sons to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

Other interesting statistics included 19% of people who would spend the money on a trip or holiday. With Christmas around the corner 7% of people said they would spend the money on presents and other festive treats for their loved ones.


Angus Nisbet of Mecca bingo says that results show generally how unselfish people are in the UK: “Many of the responses were about looking after their loved ones or doing something nice for someone else. Even when finances are tough, people will still spend on their families,” he says. “Indulgence isn’t just about treating yourself, it’s about making other people happy.”

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