Mecca Bingo resorts to Voodoo dolls

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/07/2009 08:00
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Yes, Mecca Bingo has gone voodoo dollin’. Well, it’s just a gesture that the huge bingo operator is doing to express its anger at the UK government. For quite some time, we have been reading a lot of news about the increased bingo taxes. Last April, the UK Government implemented an increase in bingo duties from 15% to a whopping 22%. The bingo business is of course retaliating stating that it is so unfair to the bingo business when the betting and casino businesses’ taxes and duties remain at 15%. The result of this increase lead to several bingo hall closures and more are at stake if the UK government doesn’t lower the tax rate.

Mecca Bingo operators were among the leaders of the group of bingo halls and operators who have appealed to the government to reconsider lowering the taxes. They’ve taken a lot of actions just to appeal to the government. However, the final appeal was a disappointment. The bingo operators lost their case. The UK government didn’t hear them out. Regardless of the protests, campaigns, and other efforts led by Mecca Bingo, they were still ignored. The alteration to the tax was still outvoted by 283 to 83. It seems that the bingo halls are facing an end. Some stated that they felt they were betrayed and that the bingo industry was just left out to dry.

So what did the Mecca Chester Bingo club do? The bingo players have created voodoo dolls and fixed pins into them to express their anger and disappointment. It was a move to voice out their anger and hostility to the UK Government. They wanted to release their anger and tension and so for now, this is a temporary solution to their angst. It was certainly a unique thing to do. But for now, they are helpless. Until the government lowers the bingo taxes, they have nothing else to do but express their anger and hope that their bingo clubs survive with that high of a tax rate.

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