Mecca Bingo New Games Prove to be Favourites

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/12/2009 06:32

Back in October 09, two new ways to play bingo were introduced to Mecca Bingo and these have already proved to be firm favourites with players. These games are Snakes and Ladders and Deal or No Deal.

Every single bingo player knows what it is like to experience the frustration of having one to go at the end of the game and still not win. This is actually part of the adrenaline rush that is playing bingo and part of the thrill, but it is also part of the disappointment. The new Snakes and Ladders room is the bingo room that makes having one to go only a thrill with none of the disappointment as every 1tg sees you climbing up the ladders and sliding down the snakes with a chance to make it to the tip of the board and win £500. Every player who has a go at this bonus game has the opportunity to win a guaranteed cash prize.

Deal or No Deal is an altogether different kettle of fish and anyone who has watched this game show on television will know. This game combines all the suspense of the game show together with our favourite game of 90 ball bingo which has a network jackpot in it valued at more than £10,000! It has become a classic and it is the full house winner who gets to Deal or No Deal.

This is a feature game where every box is associated with a bingo number during the game, as the balls are called the corresponding boxed are eliminated and once the full house winner is announced they will be asked the famous last question “Deal of No Deal? Let’s hope you make the right answer and beat the banker, but play this game at Mecca Bingo and find out why it has got everyone so excited.

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