Mecca Bingo Makes A Stance On Smoking Ban

Mecca Bingo Makes A Stance On Smoking Ban

Written by: ava carson on 06/12/2011 15:15
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The smoking ban has put major restraints on businesses and as a result a decline in customers. Bingo halls have felt the impact with a study showing 63% of bingo players are smokers.

Mecca Bingo has come up with a resolution to the problem and received permission from the Edinburgh’s licensing board for a smoker shelter. The enclosure will also include hand held bingo devices so that games are not interrupted.

Mecca Bingo in Leith has invested £60,000 for the expansion but does come under scrutiny by those who oppose it. Labour member Eric Barry told reporters “This actually goes against public health by allowing people to spend longer in a smoking area while playing this game.” Scottish anti smoking group Ash Scotland said that Mecca was encouraging players to “gamble with their life.

A Rank Group representative attended the licensing meeting told the board “There will be no public address system or speakers in this area. And as part of these changes, we are creating a noise lobby because internal double doors will be closed, so we are actually reducing the [noise] problem.” Mecca bingo player and smoker Linsay Robertson said “I think it’s a good idea and a bad idea. It will give people the opportunity to smoke, which is what people use to do at bingo halls. But it will also separate the smokers from nonsmokers, and people go to bingo halls to socialise.”

Smoking shelters are very prominent in the US after the smoking ban took place. Almost every casino and gambling establishment has a smoking room as well as many other businesses including restaurants and bars. It has proven to be a successful alternative to the no smoking policy.

While there has been a loss of revenue with local bingo halls, there has been a sharp increase in the number of online bingo players.

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