Mecca Bingo Charges Blind Woman on Free Bingo Night

Mecca Bingo Charges Blind Woman on Free Bingo Night

Written by: Glo Wood on 05/03/2015 18:25
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A registered blind woman, 62-year-old Pamela Enos, 62, was lured into Mecca Bingo in Cwmbran with her daughter Sam Davies by the free bingo night.

Enos suffers from glaucoma leaving her completely blind in one eye and poor sight in the other. She requested an electronic bingo terminal since she’s unable to see the paper tickets but was told she was disappointed to hear that she must pay £15.

Apparently, only the paper books are free and Enos said, “I would not have gone had I have known, it was very humiliating as everyone else could play for free.

“But I was left with no choice but to pay £15 as I can’t see the paper books.”

Enos’ daughter asked to see a manager and even had the card to prove that her mom was registered blind.

“They kept saying that on a free night you can only get paper books. But I think if you have proof that you’re registered blind then Mecca Bingo should supply the electronic version as it is discrimination”, Davies said.

A Mecca Bingo spokesperson said, “Due to the way our electronic bingo terminals work, we operate under certain technical constraints which means we are only able to offer free bingo on paper.

“We can only apologise that this wasn’t communicated to this particular customer in advance.

“We would like to invite this lady back to the club as our guest so that we can personally explain the technical reasons behind our policy and to apologise for any distress this has caused.”


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