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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 05/08/2009 20:35
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Mecca Bingo has been making a buzz lately what with the recent reports of the increase in profits and charity promotions they’ve been launching. Today, let us take a look at the other things going on at Mecca Bingo this month of August. Continue reading below to read the other fabulous offers coming your way.

Homeowners out there, you are going to love the latest promotion from Mecca Bingo. Have you ever dreamed of getting your mortgage paid by someone else or probably do a renovation for free? Well, Mecca Bingo can take care of that. Mecca Bingo offers two House bingo games every day from Mondays to Thursdays this month of August. You have the option to get the cash prize or a voucher that you can use on your house! Now that’s really something that a lot of homeowners out there can make use of.

On the other hand, they are also hosting several mini games every Monday. So if you’d like to start with some variety during the week, you will definitely enjoy the mini games on Mondays! This will certainly get those Monday blues out of your way. Imagine looking forward to Mondays? Yes, you’ll be able to do that with Mecca Bingo.

And of course, the promotions never stop when you’re at Mecca Bingo. They are also holding a Mecca Family Favourites promo where all the budding cooks out there get to share the best of the best of their recipes that could be chosen and published in a special recipe book! Go ahead and share that secret recipe in Mecca Bingo’s recipe book. You don’t want to be selfish now do you?

Last but not the least, you will also find great offers during Wednesdays and Fridays. Everyone’s a winner is the promotion being offered on Wednesdays where you can play the 90 ball link games and be able to win guaranteed prizes. Fridays is when TMIF, Thank Mecca It’s Friday is being played where you can win huge jackpots. And when Sunday comes, play free bingo for five hours to win the Great Vegas Giveaway.

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