Mecca Bingo at Beeston Beef up the bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/06/2009 19:00
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The online bingo playing ladies of Beeston were given a real surprise when they went to play their usual bingo games at the brand new Mecca Bingo Hall, as there were rather scantily clad men parading about in nothing more than their boxers. Mecca Bingo management had arranged for novelty waiter service, Butlers in the Buff to wait tables. The new Mecca Bingo hall in Beeston is one of the few bingo halls under the Mecca umbrella that provide food to the table, but even this service was improved upon for the ladies of Beeston.

The surprise arrival of the ‘hunks in trunks’ brought a smile to the faces of the ladies who play their usual lunchtime games at the new Mecca Bingo hall. Lunchtimes are usually a quiet time but there was certainly a party atmosphere when the Butlers in the Buff were serving the food. Hot food has never seemed hotter, the guys all rippling muscles braved the flood of women who attended hoping for a bingo bonus, little did the bingo playing regulars know that they were all going to hit the jackpot that day!

The Mecca Bingo hall in Beeston has only been open for a little while and the manager Jay Murray is promising more surprises for the players who go to the club on a lunchtime to play bingo. If you are not too keen on the idea of having any distractions when you play your bingo games then worry not as the Beeston has a quiet bingo lounge for those customers who prefer to play a more demure type of bingo game, and clothing most definitely remains firmly on!

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