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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/10/2009 07:29

Mecca Bingo started a new promotion on the 5th October and this is running till the end of October. The last game plays on the 30th October, if you have been playing since the 5th and you have spent £40 in real money, you will qualify for tomorrow nights games, If you haven’t then you are going to have to get into the next lot of games and make sure you qualify between the 12th and 15th October. You can spread your spend out over the days for qualifying or spend it all at once, it doesn’t matter as long as you spend it, and pre-purchase tickets qualify too as long as you play in the correct games.

The Friday giveaway games feature £10 000 worth of prize money, so make sure you get you spend in for the next session if you can’t make it this week. You have to spend you money in the 90-ball bingo games from Mondays to Thursdays and free tickets are going to be given away to all qualifiers. Each free game has a huge jackpot prize of £300 and there are thirty of these to play, so loads of members are going to have the opportunity to win. This is a massive free bingo promotion and I don’t think I have seen anything of its ilk at a site yet!

The Private Room at Mecca Bingo will be opened for these games, at 7pm. This will be visible in the bingo lobby from 5:30pm. £9 000 in prize money is allocated to the free bingo games and £1 000 is for the chat games, so make sure you participate in these too. Check out the site for the terms and conditions to make sure you have your P’s and Q’s sorted by most of all have fun.

P.S. I found a nice joke at Mecca bingo too “How do you get a hundred cows in a barn?”

“You hang up a bingo sign!” LOL!!

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