Mecca Bingo - The All Winners Play Off

Mecca Bingo - The All Winners Play Off

Written by: kelly on 07/07/2011 13:55
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Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth (yes, the truth). Sadly the normally infallible Hot Chocolate let us down with this lyric as clearly we can’t all win, can we? However, those who do win on the Mecca Bingo can groove on down to the All Winners Playoff games every week from now on.

Ok, so how do this work then? Every week from Sunday till Thursday are the days to pencil in. 1pm to 10pm tis the time frame and the standard 90 ball bingo rooms the places to be. Are you with us so far?

Win on these games in that place and that time and you get a free entry into the All Winners Playoff on the Saturday between 8pm to 9pm. In these exclusive games there are 10 bundles of a grand each waiting to be won.

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What about those people who don’t win during the week? Thankfully the people at Mecca Bingo haven’t forgotten about them even if Errol Brown did. If you don’t manage to bag a win during the week then you pay 50p to get into the All Winners Playoff event every Saturday.

All you hip smart phone users out there can also download the Mecca Bingo app as well. This means that you can try and win your entry to the big Saturday game regardless of whether you are travelling on the bus, weeding the garden or luxuriating in a bubble filled bath.

Another deal to look out for is the BOGOF weekend one. This is exactly what it sounds like except for the fact that it gives up extra games on Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday.

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