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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/02/2009 11:00
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It is of course possible to find love in the most of unusual of places, but playing online bingo is one that doesn’t immediately spring to mind, however that is exactly what has happened for two such online bingo players. Rachel Brookes and Steven Reeves were playing online bingo at their usual site BingoOnTheBox, and started to frequently exchange niceties in the BingoOnTheBox chat room, As time passed they found that they were becoming a little more curious about one another, and so set about exchanging email addresses covertly to continue their conversations away from prying eyes. These email chats soon progressed to telephone conversations which could be as many as six a day and this in turn led to an eventual meeting.

Rachel Brookes a restaurateur from Holsworthy says that she wasn’t looking for love as she had previously been engaged twice and both relationships ended in sadness. Rachel’s first fiancé sadly was killed in a car accident and her second love interest was deported back to his homeland in Bangladesh. Steven for his part is hoping that the relationship is a “long term thing”, and is happy that Rachel gets on so well with his children aged 10 and 14. There is an added bonus to the story as Steven and his children’s favourite food is curry and Rachel owns an Indian restaurant.

BingoOnTheBox rather than being upset at the breach of their online security policy have been pleased to be the instrument used to bring such a happy ending, so much so that they arranged for a special spa day at a local health farm as a Valentines gift to help the couple celebrate their new and flourishing romance.

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