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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/03/2009 08:00
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Bingo and lottery are two different things even if they follow the same concept. In a lottery, you either choose your own numbers or opt for the computer to randomly choose numbers for you. Normally, you will only have to choose around 6 to 7 numbers and hope that they will be the numbers drawn on lottery night. There will only be 6 or 7 numbers, depending on the lottery game you play, that will be drawn. If you win all the numbers, then you get the jackpot. But there are also consolation prizes for those who get 5 numbers correct, or perhaps 4 or 3 numbers correctly, depending on the lottery of that you choose. On the other hand, you buy a bingo card for a bingo game. The numbers are drawn one at a time until a player wins. So until no one is winning, numbers will be drawn and called. To win a bingo game, the numbers in your bingo card should all be called and you should shout bingo at the last number that is called. Of course, there are other bingo games where you only follow a certain pattern in your bingo card that should be marked.

Now that we’ve defined the difference between a game of lottery and bingo, you will be surprised that you can play both in just one site. At Littlewoods Bingo, not only will you be able to play online bingo but also a Tri-Lottery game! Now that’s something unique that Littlewoods has to offer. The lottery will be held at six in the evening on March 30th. Three bingo players will be able to take home one thousand British pounds each! Simply buy your lottery tickets for that night. But if you have been depositing funds to your online bingo account to use for playing, then you’ve probably earned a couple of free tickets already for the Tri-Lottery game. So make sure that on the 30th of March, stay tune to Littlewoods Bingo and watch out for the numbers that will be drawn.

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