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Written by: kelly on 15/04/2010 08:10
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Ladbrokes bingo regularly offers big bingo links and this just so happens to be where you will find the big bingo money prizes! On the 25th April, the really big bingo link, the Super Linx game will be played at 10:30pm. This is a network game and all other UK bingo sites in the same network will be offering the same game to all members. There is also up to £4 000 in cash prizes available in other links games at the site and this specific Ladbrokes Link game plays at 10pm daily with £500 - £1,500 up for grabs. These are guaranteed prizes and they are pre-buy games, so you can buy your tickets now - no sweat!

Are you the queen of quizzes, the celebrity cerebrum, the person who retains all kinds of trivia about the celebs and their comings and goings? If you are, then you must play the Celebrity Quiz at Ladbrokes Bingo. Most online bingo sites offer a celebrity quiz for a few bingo buck or points here and there, but Ladbrokes have taken this a step further. Now you can make money instead of boring your friends with your wealth of knowledge. Combine this knowledge with speed to get your answers out first and you could win £50!

Play in the Ladbrokes Bingo Lounge on Wednesdays at 6pm to join in the fun. The game begins at 6pm so don't be late, remember. Answer the most questions correctly and win a first prize of £50, second prize of £25 or third prize of £10, but you must play and put your knowledge to good use.

Plan your Ladbrokes bingo play in a more organized fashion by playing sessions. You will save money and get the opportunity to win some really great prizes - up to £650, so check it out today and plan your play!

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