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Written by: kelly on 22/04/2010 07:45
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Although bingo is supposed to be a nice relaxing game, some of the reasons for its popularity is that it doesn't take long to play, offers a good deal of excitement and is really simple. This makes it an ideal game for adapting to various methods of play and one of the most popular adaptations is "speed bingo". This game is generally played in a 75 ball bingo room and this is the procedure that Mirror Bingo has adopted when they offer you the Fast Lane Bingo Sessions.

These bingo sessions take place between 7 and 8pm on week nights and weekends. It is 75 ball bingo with a twist, because you are only required to dab a number in each of the four corners of the bingo card. This means the game plays faster than a bat flies out of hell and you need to be sharpish to play. If you blink your eyes, you might miss the game! Not to worry though, you play speed bingo on auto-daub and you will never miss a winning number.

Because speed bingo is so fast it obviously offers many more opportunities to win and at Mirror Bingo this is part of the charm of playing in the Fast Lane. Simply pay 10p for a game and before you know it an hour of play will have gone by in a flash of bingo balls! As Mirror Bingo says, "Be fast or Bingone!"

Be sure to also check out the Guaranteed pre-purchase jackpots at Mirror Bingo. These are some of the biggest prize money games they offer, and they pay out between £250 and £2,000 in cash prizes. One of these games plays every day, with tickets starting prices at just 10p each. You don't have to be live in the room to play, just buy tickets when it's convenient and they will play no matter where you are or what you are doing. It's just another way to play bingo, if you live life in the fast lane!


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