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Written by: kelly on 28/05/2010 07:45
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The passengers of Red Bus Bingo could be living it up when they enter the Big Smoke. The Big Smoke, is a £2 000 prize game which takes place at the end of every month – on the last Friday. This Friday is the last Friday of May and this game will be seeing its debut – next stop Cashminster! That’s right, this game pays a smoking £1000 as the full house prize, £350 for one line and £650 for two. That is three red hot, guaranteed cash prizes and all from the same game at Red Bus Bingo. Bingo tickets cost £1 each and the game plays at 9:45pm on Friday the 29th May.

Now that the kids are on School hols Red Bus Bingo has also got something special up for grabs for adults. They are paying out in Bingo Points and, these as we know can be converted into cash to buy free bingo tickets. Play “Schools Out” to win from the 1st till the 4th June. The word “Schools Out” will appear at the site – somewhere! If you find it let them know, but you have to do this through Facebook, you could win 2000 BP’s.

Red Bus Bingo is also offering 5 000 BPs for the chirp of the day, it has to be something funny and entertaining and you have to begin your sentence with “If I had to go back to school for one day I would…” what would you do? I would use Mr. Jones’ toothbrush to clean the school toilets. Play this from Monday 31st to Sunday 6th June. They are also offering a Lunch Break for double chat points, and Angie is going to take you back in time from Nursery school to college for 5 000 BP’s per question, also starting on the 31st May. Make sure you play; you could win a ton of points to buy free bingo cards with.



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