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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/08/2009 10:00
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You only have to play for a penny but you can certainly win a lot of pounds! This is the latest promotion from Little Big Bingo. It is the newly revamped online bingo site that we used to call Think Bingo Cosy. Yes, the previous twin site of Think Bingo. After its first year anniversary, it decided to undergo a makeover along with a brand new name, Little Big Bingo. Perhaps the little refers to the little money you need to play, while the big refers to the huge prizes you can win. Now do you like that concept? You probably do, so go ahead and continue reading the details of this fabulous promotion below.

For some who don’t know that this used to be Think Bingo Cosy, they will probably think it’s the latest and freshest site in the world of online bingo today. That’s because of the fresh brand and site it’s been showcasing in the online bingo news. The online bingo site scene is surely buzzing about it because of the penny games it has to offer what with the huge prizes associated with it. A lot of other online bingo sites are offering free bingo and penny games aside from their pay to play games. But if you have noticed, those sites offering the cheap and affordable games also come with cheap prizes. But if you look over at Little Big Bingo, it seems as if the penny games are the only games you can play in their site. And yet, the prizes aren’t to be snubbed. They are generously offering amazing prizes. So you can assure yourself that they are offering the best value for money.

Little Big Bingo offer bingo tickets start at 1p each. They also have 2p and 5p bingo tickets you can buy. So all you need to have is some spare change to play your favorite game of online bingo but you can win prizes like a thousand pounds on Fridays at nine o’clock in the evening. Think about it. You can win a thousand by shelling out just 1p? No wonder a lot of online bingo players are heading to Little Big Bingo.


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