Little Big Bingo Winners!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/03/2010 14:02

Yesterdays total winnings at Little Big Bingo were £48,628.28. Looking at some of the winners at this site where you spend a little money and have the opportunity to win a lot, sees this actually coming true: "fleetinguk" won £1,634.95, "busybee" won £2,348.44, "Monsterfan" won £1,297.30 and "joanzoe" won £3,995.94, and these are only a small sample of the winners from yesterday.

Taking a look at the winners on a site such as Little Big Bingo gives us an idea of what is going on at the site, and encourages us to try and win also. So do yourself a favour, no matter what bingo site you decide to become a member of, always check out the winners page first.

We are already halfway through the week and it will soon be time to start planning the weekend, if you have had a look at the Little Big Bingo winners page and have decided you too want to become a member. Good for you! They will give you £20 free which is a 200% first deposit bonus on a deposit of £10. In total this gives you £30 to play with and as games are as cheap as a penny each, this money enables the new member some valuable opportunities to win.

The £1000 Penny Power guaranteed jackpot special which takes place every Friday at 9pm is as good a game as any to start with, and the bingo tickets only cost 1p each. Who wouldn't want to win £1000 with a low 1p wager? I can't think of anyone, can you?

This is a pre-buy game, so if you have better things to do than play online bingo on a Friday night at 9pm, simply pre-purchase your bingo tickets and they will play, no matter what you decide to do. All you have to do is check your account after the game to see if you have won!

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