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Written by: kelly on 24/05/2010 15:10
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For eons, alchemists were after the secret of how to turn lead into gold, why lead, who knows? Perhaps that weight for weight, lead to gold promised to make a man more wealthy than iron into gold?

Today alchemists can turn sand into diamonds and synthesize most precious stones; do you think they are turning lead into gold too? I wonder! Unfortunately these chemical means are way beyond the ordinary man in the street, but at Little Big Bingo, you can easily turn your pennies into pounds and this is as close to magic money making, or lead into gold, as it gets as far as we are concerned. It’s completely legal too!

This site offers bargain bingo like no other; how much better can it get? Playing bingo for pennies, chatting to your friends, being entertained and winning pounds! It seems to us this is a whole lot more fun than standing and screaming your lungs out in the London Stock Exchange!

Bingo tickets cost from the absolute, rock bottom price of only one penny each, the only thing cheaper is free and you can find this at Little Big Bingo too. Simply earn Penny Points and redeem them for free bingo money. This site even offers a magnificent £1000 guaranteed prize for a penny a bingo ticket on a Friday night – every Friday night! But the proof of the bingo game is in the playing, so why not try Little Big Bingo today, you probably lose more money down the back of the sofa when you are watching a football game.

Register today and become a pay for play member to qualify to play in the real money bingo games. When you make your first deposit of £10, Little Big Bingo will give you £20 free! See what we mean about lead into gold?



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