Little Big Bingo Lends Power to Your Pennies

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/02/2010 16:48

Little Big Bingo is one of the Cashcade free bin go model sites, it now occupies the market which used to be Think Bingo Cosy and this is the site which gives power to your pennies. Besides all the free bingo games they have on offer, which by the way, have real cash prizes, they also offer tons of penny games, to turn your pennies into pounds.

Perhaps the most famous game at Little Big Bingo is the “£1000 Penny Power” guaranteed jackpot special. This is a pre-purchase game with plays on a Friday night at 9pm and the tickets as you may have guessed only costs 1p each! Winning a thousand for a penny, would constitute turning pennies into pounds, don’t you think?

The beauty of using the pre-purchase or pre-buy feature at a site is that if you can’t be present fort the game, you can still play. All you have to do is check your account afterwards. There are a ton of special 1p and 2p pre-buy guaranteed jackpot game up for grabs every day and an example would be the “Lucky Penny”.

These games run every two hours starting at 11am as follows, with a minimum buy in of 10 tickets, so 10p:

11am - £20 Guaranteed
1pm - £25 Guaranteed
3pm - £25 Guaranteed
5pm - £25 Guaranteed
7pm - £50 Guaranteed
9pm - £50 Guaranteed
11pm - £50 Guaranteed

Pop in a n play a few of these a day at Little Big Bingo and you will soon be turning your pennies into pounds. Pennies From Heaven is another session of penny games starting at 12 midday, and the prize money also increases as the day progresses. You will also find a whole host of tuppeny games and Saturday nights are party night so check it out.

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