Little Big Bingo - The "Cashcade" Brand

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/04/2010 11:22

The Cashcade brand has become a very big name in the online bingo industry - particularly in the UK. Little Big Bingo is one of their very special budget bingo sites and it provides you with bingo tickets for a little money, where you can actually win big!

Lets look at the £1000 Penny Power guaranteed jackpot special. This game takes place every week at Little Big Bingo, on a Friday night. The reason why this £1000 prize is so special is because it only costs you 1p to buy a bingo ticket. Because it is a guaranteed game and not a coverall, the prize money has to be won, and it is, every Friday, like clockwork. How do you think you might feel if you managed to turn 1p into £1000? 

If you aren't that ambitious and you think this offer is too good to be true, why don't you start off with some of the smaller potatoes games at Little Big Bingo. For example games with £20 or £50 guaranteed cash prizes up for grabs? These take place in Lucky Penny, starting with £20 at 11am and ending with £50 at 11pm. Again the bingo tickets only cost a penny each and all through the day there are more and more opportunities to win with both 1p and 2p bingo tickets. Check out the bingo schedule and see for yourself.

There isn't a more exciting and valuable opportunity to turn pennies into pounds at any other site online. Playing bingo is fun, it is relaxing and it is the most fun you will ever have in an attempt to make very small money turn into something substantial. Even if you don't win, at least you will have had fun trying and it won't have burned a hole in your pockets.

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