License Increase Deals another Blow to Land Based Bingo Halls

License Increase Deals another Blow to Land Based Bingo Halls

Written by: kelly on 04/02/2011 09:25

We have mentioned in a few recent articles that traditional bingo halls have to cope with a few difficult moments right now, and now license increases look like adding to their list of woes.

Bingo Hall License Fee Hike

First off it was the smoking ban and new tax laws, then the tough economic climate which started to hit their revenues. While this has been happening they have had to sit by and watch as online bingo sites have made a huge success of the simple idea of letting people enjoy a cheap and fun game or two in the comfort of their own home.

With bingo hall attendances falling due to these factors the last thing which the traditional bingo firms need  to hear is that local authorities across the land are seemingly planning to hike up their licenses. It appears that councils needing to cut costs and raise more revenues are looking upon bingo halls as an easy way to do this, with betting shops also expected to be in the firing line.

60% Increase Already Seen

Until a couple of years ago it was the government who set the license fees for bingo halls but it is now part of the local authority mandate, and this explains why different fees are charged for halls in different parts of the country.

It seems that some councils have already got in on the game and pushed up their prices, with East Riding Council slapping a 60% increase on their licenses, from £600 to £1000. They currently make over £50,000 from their betting licenses and have apparently decided that one way to beat the crisis is to make the licences more expensive.

How will this affect traditional bingo halls and how many people will now make the switch to online bingo?

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