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Written by: kelly on 21/05/2010 12:20
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Do you know your coveralls from your progressive jackpot prizes and your guaranteed games? If you don’t you will learn the difference in these ways of winning at Tea and Bingo and this will help you to choose the games you play too.

For example, a PJP is the abbreviation or acronym if you like, for a Progressive Jackpot Prize and there are a number of these prizes available at Tea and Bingo. The Deal or No Deal Bingo is a PJP and this prize pot currently stands at £28,521.47, and Tea Totalled is specific to this site, this PJP is £51 692.06! Then Tea and Bingo also host slots games with PJP’s these are the famous Clover Rollover and this prize is currently (at the time of writing) £2 091 252.92, while Pirate Plunder is £490 071.14. Any of these prizes would be brilliant to win, but wouldn’t it be mind-blowing to win the Clover Rollover?

A PJP is a prize which keeps growing until it is won; it increases by a percentage of the wagers being made, or bingo ticket sales which are allocated specifically to that prize. A guaranteed prize is different in that the amount advertised, is the prize won, and it has to be won. While a PJP and a Coverall are only won if specific ball calls to cover the entire card or certain other criteria are met. Both PJP’s and coverall games do have consolation prizes for winning in higher call numbers, so, a situation does not arise where no prize at all is won.

Get to know your different jackpot prizes at Tea and Bingo, because this helps you understand the game better and be better informed on how to play it. For example the slots – Clover Rollover or Pirates Plunder PJP’s can only be won if a maximum bet is placed on the game.


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