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Written by: kelly on 16/04/2010 22:40
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Landmark Bingo are turning traditional online bingo on its head with their amazing new promotion for April – LBN’s Luck Chaser. Everyone knows online bingo is mostly about luck, as players depend on the right number coming up at the right time. Well, they’re are doing it all differently this month; instead of waiting for your luck to be in, Landmark Bingo will actually chase you around with it!

How does it work?

This promotion isn’t as confusing as it sounds. The basic idea is that there are more winners and more prizes every day, meaning everyone’s luck is in! There will be three shifts drawn a day during Landmark bingo Luck Chaser, each with seven winners. That’s a massive 21 winners per day, sending the grand total of winners throughout the whole of the month well into the hundreds!

The prizes

Now we get to the part everyone’s been waiting for – the prizes. Here’s what you can win per shift:

  • 1st Prize – 15 BBs
  • 2nd Prize – 10 BBs
  • 3rd Prize – 5 BBs

Remember that these prizes are per shift, so there’s actually the potential to win loads more bonuses throughout the day. Get involved in this very special promotion by signing up or logging on to Landmark Bingo today.


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