Ladbrokes, Latest Bingo Winner in 33 Balls or Less

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/02/2010 06:44

If you want to be one of the winners at Ladbrokes Bingo and you have looked at the 33-ball escalator, but declined because 33 ball just seems to difficult a call to win, let this story give you heart. xxVeryxNicexTYx is the latest Ladbroke's 33 ball escalator winner she won £16,886!!

This player has been a member of the site for two years in February and loves every moment of playing here. She said that she was multi-rooming at the time (something you can do at this site), so she wasn't actually in the right room when she won. Then she caught a glimpse of the game and saw that someone had 2TG and realized it was her. She is planning to use some of this money to take her kids away and give them a great holiday, we certainly hope they all enjoy it.

If you love Ladbroke's Bingo as much as this fan does (and with good reason), you can actually become a fan and follow them on Twitter and Face book. This affords members an additional opportunity to find out what all the latest news and promotions are, as well as see new site developments. In addition to this Ladbrokes also has their very own Social Network Application, so you can network in Ladbrokes Bingo style!

You can edit your profile, change or add up to 6 different profile pictures, find your buddies and add new buddies into your list. Chat in complete privacy with your buddies by clicking on the speech bubble and lots of other cool stuff too. Find out all about it by joining in the Ladbrokes fun today; just remember that photos will take 48 hours to be uploaded as they have to be approved by management first (so don't send any rude ones!)

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