Ladbrokes continue to stay strong in the online bingo community

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/02/2009 03:15
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Despite the economic turbulence that the world is facing today and despite hearing a lot of online bingo networks falling into debt, one of the UK online bingo sites is proving to be strong. That is the Ladbrokes Bingo. Its parent company, Ladbrokes PLC has recently reported great results from the previous year in 2008. Nevertheless, we’re not saying that they weren’t affected by the recession. Let’s find out more about Ladbrokes’ 2008 earnings below.

In 2007, Ladbrokes reported an income of £345.2 million. Now in 2008, the revenue decreased but nevertheless, it is still revenue as compared to other online bingo sites who reported losses instead of income. Ladbrokes earned £250.2 million in 2008. It’s a big decline if you think about it, but it’s a pretty good figure considering the bad weather in the economy. In fact, City analysts were actually expecting about just £215 million in revenue but the results were actually thirty five million pounds more. This is already an amazing result for them.

So what has gotten Ladbrokes bingo to earn such a good figure? Ladbrokes had a growth in new online bingo players. More people were interested to join Ladbrokes in 2008. There was a 21.5% increase in growth of online sign ups at the online bingo site. That means a total of 373,000 new online bingo players for Ladbrokes! As for the customer retention, there were more than seven hundred twenty thousand active bingo players in 2008 at Ladbrokes. Those two alone made the year great for Ladbrokes Bingo. Thos numbers not only comes from their bingo games though. They also have sports betting, skill games, as well as casino games and each has contributed to make a great revenue figure for Ladbrokes Bingo.

According to the online bingo site, their television advertising campaign has greatly helped their bingo and casino games. The campaigns were run last September to October 2008 and will continue to air once more this month.

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