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Written by: kelly on 20/06/2010 15:05
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There is tons of free bingo up for grabs at Ladbrokes Bingo for the duration of the World Cup. This makes up in a small way, for members who were unable to get their Goal Bingo Cards. You can watch the match and enjoy free bingo at the same time or instead of, and they are getting behind the football in style with these fantastic free games.

Every single football game that plays will feature free bingo and these games kick-off at the same time as the football match. They will run for 105 minutes, which includes half time and offer fourteen bingo games per session. Every game offers free bingo tickets by default and each player will be allowed 42 bingo tickets.

If you win, the prize split is 1 line, £5; 2 lines, £10 and the Full-house is £15, multiply this by 14 and each session has £420 to give away. If there are three football games scheduled in one day, then three of these free bingo session play.

Ladbrokes Bingo has also recently introduced a super new system for free bingo players. This is the "Super Books" system, and what it means is players are able to take a wager on their free bingo games. This essentially upgrades the free tickets and allows for winners to take advantage of a multiple of the prize money. In the instance of these games, the Super Book tickets multiply the prize by two, and they cost 1p each. Simply win and the prize money is doubled. You can find out more about Super Books at Ladbrokes Bingo, they are going to be a regular feature with free bingo games, so get some practice so you know what you are doing. Some Super Books will allow 5 x and even 10 x the prize money on offer.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no ….its Ladbrokes Bingo Super Books!

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