Ladbrokes Bingo Pays Your Bills for a Year

Written by: kelly on 27/06/2010 08:30
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You have until the 28th June to play in a new Ladbrokes Bingo promotion and in this one, you want to be a winner. They are going on a budgetary bent, to some extent, in relationship to the new British Budget being read.The winner can get their bills paid for a year! Imagine having an extra £250 a month for your bills for the next 12 months? Gosh, that adds up to a lot of money and could help you a bit with George Osborne's impositions too.

You have to play Deal or No Deal bingo to win, and this is no hardship, we all love this game. Every twenty Deal or No Deal bingo tickets you buy at Ladbrokes Bingo will earn you an entry into this fabulous prize draw. So start playing today and start getting those entries in. Just like one red box takes more money out of your pay, another red box could put it right back in again.

An interesting anecdote, did you know that the Chancellor can drink whatever he wants when he reads the budget, even Alcohol? We don't know about him, every time he reads the budget, we need a drink!

Speaking of drinks and bills, here's a Ladbrokes Bingo winner who has had a few celebratory drinks and doesn't need any help paying bills. The latest Snow Queen's Magic Winner "thebrownbear", scooped up a fantastic £156,000 playing this game with only a 30p stake. What do you think of that? This is a mini-game, with far from a mini prize, so try your luck too, the jackpot prize is still over £366,000.

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