Ladbrokes Bingo Big, Big Winner On Lucky Ladies 88

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/01/2010 13:52

Isn’t it nice when you turn to an online bingo site to see whats been happening and find that in your absence there has been a fantastic big winner? Well that is what happened to me this morning when I popped my head into Ladbrokes Bingo and found out that “abbmate444” had won £89 374.82 playing on the absolutely non-politically correctly named game 88 Two Fat Ladies. Actually I am only teasing the game is Lucky Ladies 88 and weren’t these two fat ladies lucky for this player?

I would say that nearly £90 000 pounds is a pretty fantastic way to start the New Year, wouldn’t you? I’ll bet her bank manager is smiling! She matched five lucky ladies in a row on the 2nd January to win this huge amount, but unfortunately didn’t land the progressive prize. Why, I am not quite sure, perhaps the ladies were on the wrong pay line, but the PJP in this game still stands at a whopping £104,085 prize at Ladbrokes Bingo; certainly sufficient to make some winner very happy and change their life quite substantially too. Lucky Ladies 88 pays out regularly so it really is a lucky game to play, it is a fabulous mini game with far from mini prizes and is a five reel slot.

Speaking of winning Ladbrokes Bingo is still really chuffed with the fact that that they took top award in the Which Bingo “Online Bingo Site of the Year 2009” competition. You have to bear in mind that these awards are voted in by the roomies of a site, and the fact that Ladbrokes won speaks volumes about the way the roomies at this site feel about playing, the prizes and the community. They respect it sufficiently enough to have voted it in at top place, and to my way of thinking, this is what counts!

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