Kitty Bingo Player Wins a New Car

Kitty Bingo Player Wins a New Car

Written by: ava carson on 08/01/2013 09:30
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The results are in for the fantastic contest to win a brand new Beetle. Tickets for the bingo game cost £1 each and the best part of it all is players had a chance to earn Free tickets for a chance to win one of the grandest prizes!

After three weeks of much anticipation it all came to a head on January 3rd when zoe1976 and wowwowwin tied when an announcement was made on Kitty Bingo Facebook. The adrenaline ran high when both players entered a play-off to declare the winner.

Zoe1976 had to be purring like a happy kitty when it was announced she had won. After finding out she won she said “Oh my God! This is THE BEST thing in the world ever and I mean it!”

And on Facebook the winner commented ‘Thanks so much!! Super excited it was a fair game tie break both with equal chance luck was shining on me!!! Thanks kitty’

There were plenty of well-wishers and congrats in order from players but there were also not so happy cool cats in the litter too. One Kitty member who entered the big game had this to say ‘Game was fixed half the players could not even see our cards playing!!! VERY annoying when your wait for 3 weeks to play. AND two people won that's not fair to then say no to the other one!!! Should split the cost!’

Another interesting note about the winner is when asked to do an interview by an outside bingo reporter Zoe wanted to first negotiate her fee. Fortunately for Kitty Bingo they will get the exclusive interview because it was part of the terms and conditions of the promotion.

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