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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/12/2009 07:08

If you want to get lucky playing online bingo, you have to feel lucky and you can’t help but feel that way when you play at Kiss My Bingo. You get lucky from the moment you join, because when you make a first deposit of a tenner, you earn a whopping £30 in bingo bonus money. This site has £10 000 guaranteed jackpot prizes and bingo tickets costing as little as 5p, plus tones of free bingo games up for grabs. You don’t even have to win a game for the lucky feeling to start.

Never played online bingo before? Don’ you worry, its about time you joined in the fun and games! At Kiss My Bingo you get the best of everything, so to make sure you get started on the right foot, read the handy bingo lingo guide, it will take all the bamboozlement out of these terms so that you know you BRB from your WTG and your Danny Larue from two fat ladies, you will soon be an online bingo pro.

If you are still confused, don’t you worry the Chat Hosts at Kiss My Bingo are all geared up to make sure you know what’s going on. You can even get to know all about them before you start playing too. For example “CHPhantom” their lucky number is “13”, see this number is only unlucky for some. She has been a CH for five years and loves her job because she gets to meet all kinds of strange people (online bingo players aren’t strange!). She has a very funny story too; because one of her members’ husbands didn’t know she was playing online bingo, and when the bank statement arrived, he saw transactions for “aquapay”, so he asked her what they were for, she told him it was for her swimming lessons! I love that.

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