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Written by: Jeannie on 10/08/2010 20:10
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King Jackpot Bingo has launched a brand new monthly promotion this August, where there’s a minimum jackpot of £1,000 up for grabs!

How to win

Winning a share of the prize pot for yourself is simple. You only need to get your bingo cards, play selected promotional games and bingo on all of the following numbers:

10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 – 70

Each time you bingo on one of these numbers, you’ll need to claim it with a Chat Moderator (CM) in order to add it to your collection. Get all of the numbers and you’ll be guaranteed a share of the grand prize pot, which King Jackpot Bingo have let slip will be a minimum of £1,000!

But that’s not all…

In a twist to how the site normally runs monthly online bingo promotions, King Jackpot Bingo is giving players a second chance to win the competition numbers. This means that once you’ve collected them all and earned a share of the pot, you get to do it all over again for a second share!

However, you’ll need to redouble your bingo efforts if you want to collect the numbers twice over before the competition ends on August 31st, so you’d better start now!

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