Just Desserts This Friday at Posh Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/01/2010 16:58

If you want to get your just desserts and you believe you deserve them, then there is only one online bingo site to play this Friday and it is Posh Bingo. Friday is the 29th January and the game we have all been waiting for is playing out at 8pm in the Posh Dosh Bingo room. We have known about this game since December 2009, so everyone has had plenty of time to get their submissions in to earn points for free bingo tickets into the game. If you haven’t sent in your list of New Years resolutions or photo’s of festive celebrations, then you only had till midnight on the 27th, so its too late now, just buy your bingo tickets, they cost a pound each.

Three winners will be receiving a share of the £6K slice, with a prize split of 1 line: £1000, 2 line: £2000 and Full house: £3000, so it is pretty good going in the bigger scheme of things. Even a thousand smackers is a great boost to a normal monthly income!

To Top it all once the game for this well publicized prize has taken place an additional two hours fo funn and games will be had, and player can also win double chat points in these. Double your points and double your chances of saving these to purchase tickets in the next big game, which just so happens to be in the 28th February and the prize is a family holiday for four to Eurodisney. There is not way in heaven or hell, or even on this earth for that matter, that anyone would be able to get a family holiday to this destination for a pound, and as that is what the tickets cost and you only need one ticket to win, who is up for becoming a member of Posh Bingo?

Posh Online Bingo

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