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Written by: kelly on 31/07/2010 08:25
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Although playing bingo is an individual kind of game, it also presents ample opportunities to go head to head with your roomies. Bet 365 Bingo has just such an opportunity available and you too can join in the race for more than £35,000 worth of prizes. This is an adrenaline-fuelled promotion with a race taking place every day of the week. You race against your fellow Bingoheads in a bingo session made up of 20 laps or games if you like. As well as collecting points you collect prizes along the way and the points help you climb up the leadership board.

There will be weekly as well as Championship stages and the more you win the greater the prize will be. The tickets in these games only cost 1p each and you have to purchase the same number of tickets for each lap of the race. Don't stall and start buying as soon as you can, the more Bet 365 Bingo tickets you have in the races, the bigger discounts you receive. So we have penny bingo tickets that are discounted too.

All of these games will be played in the Speedy Getaway room, and the fun and games starts on the 1st August at 9pm. Just prior to the starting gun being fired, the warm up laps will play. There are tons of ways to win prizes in this brilliant bingo promotion. Basically what Bet 365 Bingo has done here, is provide a very different type of tourney. It is innovative and fun and we are sure you will all rev your engines and get ready to take pole position. The promotion is called the Bingo Buggy Grand Prix and it is never too late to join in the fun. Register today to play and get one of the best bingo sites on the net.

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