Join the Bingo League at Landmark Bingo

Join the Bingo League at Landmark Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 27/07/2011 13:30
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Landmark Bingo has always been a great place to grab a bonus, not only are they still offering players £15 when they join but are also running a brand new promotion called bingo League throughout July.


Bingo League

This exciting promotion will give away 1,860 bbs before the month is over, it is reset everyday which gives all players a chance of winning. The tourney takes the three players who gain the most full house wins each day and awards them with a share of 60BBs.

The overall winner receives 30BBs, second place is awarded 20BBS which leaves 10BBs for the third place winner. These bonus funds can then be used to play bingo for free on the site. There are a few things you need to do to enter the ‘bingo league, first you must contact live help and inform them you want to take part. Don’t worry, you don’t need to think up a terrible name, or find any team mates to take part - you simply tell them your screen name so they can track your progress.

The second requirement is that you must deposit £30 on the day you wish to take part in the promotion, this is a bit of a bummer as the promotion runs every day. We’d suggest if you want to take part you see it as a one off event!

See if you are a winner

If you are a winner your name will be displayed on the Landmark bingo blog the day after, this list is currently being updated each day and will continue to do so until August 1st.

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