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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/12/2009 16:09

Members of 888 Ladies Bingo are very lucky people, this is because this site is more than just a bingo site, and I don’t only mean in terms of games. The site is structured specifically to be an online community and it is also designed more along the lines of being a magazine cum social networking cum bingo site. You will find news, entertainment, games, a great blog and the most fantastic community you could ever dream of meeting, all at this site. This is all before you even get involved in playing games.

Being a lady myself…as they would say in Little Britain “I’m a lady”; one of the most interesting articles I came across at 888 Ladies Bingo was written by a celebrity make up artist. She offers suggestions as to what we should buy in terms of make-up with our bingo winnings and the actual article was with regards to theTwilight movies that has taken the world by storm and the vampiric type of make-up used on the actors.

This style of make-up has become super chic this season for young people to wear and my girls are always asking me to do their make-up fancy for them, aren’t yours? They love this kind of thing and this article is going to make my life a whole lot easier, thank you 888 Ladies. That is another two Christmas presents dealt with, 2 x Vampire chic make up kits, and a print out of these instructions, thank you very much, its nor free bingo, but its free nevertheless.

Speaking of Christmas and 888 ladies bingo in the same breath, of course there some super fantastic prizes being given away at the moment. All form the advent calendar and all of the super Xmas type gifts. If you want to win something special for yourself or a loved one before Christmas, this is the site to play. These games only cost a pound per ticket and the gifts up for grabs are worth hundreds of pounds!

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