Jackpots At Tidy Bingo

Jackpots At Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 06/10/2015 10:05
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We all love a good bingo jackpot, after all we’re all in it to win it and every day most of us dream of winning a big bingo jackpot, and any site worth its salt has a decent schedule of regular games for you to enjoy. We particularly love the schedule at Tidy Bingo where you can play a selection of games to suit all budgets with jackpots up to £2,000 each!

The brand runs a selection of fixed prize games with plenty of big jackpots and playing them won’t necessarily break the bank. Here are the big regular jackpots, and the days you can join in.

Fair and Square – The Fair and Square jackpot plays every Wednesday at 8pm and the great thing about it is that tickets are just 1p! There’s a £100 prize pool and that’s split as follows:

FH - £50

2L - £20

1L - £10

1tg share - £10

2tg share - £10

Friday Fortune – This once weekly game costs just 10p a ticket and plays, as the name suggests every Friday. The prize pool is £250 and that is split as follows:

FH - £100

2L - £75

1L - £50

1tg share - £25

VIP Jackpot – If you’re a regular at Tidy Bingo then you may well soon achieve VIP status and one of the added treats is the once monthly jackpot game with a £500 jackpot. Only bronze players or above can join in, tickets cost £1 each and the top prize is split as follows:

FH - £250

2L - £150

1L - £100

Payday Jackpot – Last but by no means least is the Payday jackpot and that plays on the final day of every month. The prize is a massive £2,000 and that is split as follows:

FH - £600

2L - £400

1L - £250

1tg share - £250

2tg share - £250

3tg share - £250

All that, and if you fancied something a bit extra, there are also progressive jackpots across the bingo rooms, and the exclusive progressive in the Tidy Cupboard too, so whenever you log on you’re never any more than a couple of lucky calls from a big win!

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