Jackpotjoy is the Leaping Queen of Bingo

Jackpotjoy is the Leaping Queen of Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 11/02/2012 15:55
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Bingo has been rejuvenated as players from all over the world unite in online bingo. It is a rebirth of the historical game of chance and as we rejoice there is an awakening and renewed excitement in us all.

Jackpotjoy is at the core and a true renaissance in the online bingo sector. How many times have we all seen this site in the bingo news? Some players may say not them again, but in reality how could they not be.
They push the barrier and reach out and grab the hearts of every bingo player with Jackpot winners and promotions that can’t be topped.

Ahh and how can anything be written without mentioning the Queen herself Barbara Windsor. She reigns down on a cast of thousands and spreads good cheer where ever she goes.
No, this is no ordinary online bingo site, it IS the bingo site.

They will be written about until the end of time as the greatest bingo heroes of them all. Always churning out endless goodies that are simply too irresistible to ignore and Progressive Jackpots that are huge.

With so many tempting offers it is not easy to pick just one to share with the bingo audience. But leaping forward from one lily pad to the next there is one that is surely waiting for a kiss from the queen to turn into the frog prince.

The £13,000 Leap Frog game begins on Friday 24th February and players will be in a pond of good fortune for three lucky winners. It all starts at 9:45pm with tickets prices at 50p each. The prize structure for the special event:

1 line: £1,000
2 lines: £2,000
Full House: £10,000

Tickets are now available in the lobby under the Special Game tab. It’s a leap year celebration that only happens once every 7 years so jump on in the water is just fine.

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